Temporary works

How We Work

Working with the main contractor we take time and effort to understand the full project, even outside the scope of our works. This allows us to use our experience and expertise to shape the specific project plan. Embedding ourselves in the project means that the client receives maximum value with expectations not only satisfied but exceeded.

What we do

Temporary works is a widely used expression in the construction industry for an engineered solution used to support or protect an existing structure or the permanent works during construction. It’s a term used to support an item of plant or equipment, or the vertical sides or side-slopes of an excavation, or to provide access.

It necessitates having a delivery partner in place who holds the big picture from the start of the project right through to completion. We pride ourselves both in our quality and delivery of work, in addition to the many variables involved in every project. This has also led to our team being commended for our health and safety practices.

Our staff have experience working with all materials and their associated techniques.